Knowing what success is can change your life! Vision Igniters has a vision to fully ignite your brain. We train you to access the full power of your brain



We provide a new NeuroEconomic & System Thinking consulting and training and courses using numerous visual frameworks within frameworks to provide coherent and visual enterprise mental models for organizational and business development.

Using NeuroEconomic discoveries we work side-by-side with you to understand and develop your vision, mission, goals, services/products, marketing and customer service practice the implement the optimal benefits/profit mental model  to accomplish your organizational goals and achievements using the best Prospect Theory outcome aspects.  Using these modeling tool as work with you to development marketing in all media channels to best ignite people expectations and wishes and dreams as well as how to overcome losses/pain of past circumstances.

NeuroEconomic is the NeuroScience of Decision Making.


Every organization has its own unique visual framework that  people, clients, employees can a glance view while taking in the overarching coherent plan of your vision.

This unique contextual framework supersedes other industrial developed frameworks such as Strategic Maps and (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture meta-model/framework.  We assist in working these sub-frameworks into your visions to reduce losses and misunderstanding while developing new gains by framing/re-framing/re-appraising your Prospect THeory wealth’s reference point.  With a better understand and setting of your contextual wealth vision you gain more powerful and adaptive organizational practices for optimum competition in the free marketplace of ideas.


Eugene M Murray, a physicist , holder of several certifications in Neuroscience, Oracle, and Microsoft, APICS (CPIM) Certified Production & Inventory Management, and the developer of our NeuroIgniter Programs, and is your Life Performance Coach for your (MBBf) Mind/Brain/Body framework brain igniting sessions.




    • Mindful Bicycle Meditation
    • Mindful Deep Listening
    • Mindful Deep Thinking
    • NeuroExercise +eXtension program
    • NeuroEMeditation program
      • Neu-STEAM:

    Neu(roscience) – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics



NeuroIgniter Program – Brief Outline

This NeuroIgniter Program uses the (MBBf) Mind/Brain/Body framework as a neuroscience working analogy.  We have developed our MBBf integrated system to guide your experience of achieving your own mindful renewal of your personal MBBf system.  There are several major processes to assist you on your neuroscience learning path, your touchpoint experiences of personal daily NeuroWalk.

  • NeuroExercise+eXtension – to direct touchpoint exercise experiences of Brain Growth & Health & Longevity
  • Neuro-Power-Walk – unique power walk using brain exercise rhythmic walking experiences to build your inter-core while doing tendo stretch extension to generate high metabolic processing.
  • NeuroMeditaton – NeuroMeditation© Prayer for fastest and most integrated Brain Growth& Health & Longevity
  • NeuroCreativity – leaning into uncertainty
  • NeuroWalk – daily walk to complement your or NeuroCreativity practices or becoming the optimum you that you are capable of experiencing all day long.
  • NeuroFamily – daily family walk to complement your or NeuroCreativity & NueroWalk practices or becoming the optimum you are capable of experiencing within the diverse framework of your family life while you harmonizes in your loving  family spirit.  Your NeuroExercise and NeuroMedtiation are core components used to develop and grow to deepest level of intimacy in unity and diversity in a loving spirit.  Not only is the creation of a new family miraculous but also it is the concrete expression of our love.  This manifested faithfulness when it comes from the heart drives the concrete expression of our love,
  • NeuroTeam – daily team walk to complement your or NeuroCreativity & NueroWalk practices or becoming the optimum you that you are capable of experiencing within the diverse framework of your team experience while you collaborate and harmonizes in your loving team spirit.  This typical not as intimate as your NeuroFamily walk and external experiential journey that use most if not all your NeuroFamily practices.
  • NeuroLeadership – daily family/team walk to complement your or all the above neuro practices or becoming the optimum you that you are capable of experiencing within the diverse framework of your family/team experience while you collaborate and harmonizes in your loving family/team spirit.

“Success is your peace of mind, which is a direct result of your self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming (– at each moment in time and life stage)”.  Coach John Wooden life success verse.
Shoreline.murray Mindful Renewal Institute

NeuroExercise +eXtension

NeuroExercise +eXtension is about training the brain to drive your integrated physical health.  Before we explain with more details lets break down these terms:

  • NeuroExercise – training the brain, first, to drive and train your physical, kinesthetic body framework.  The brain is the central sensor/motivator of movement or strain in muscles, tendons, and joints;we do not use this term in “muscle sense” but in a “brainsense”.  We don’t view the body as a rigid structure but as a framework that is changeable and plastic similar and dynamically molded by the brain.  Also, we focus more on training the tendons and ligaments to become more plastic because of their nerves are like brain neurons that atrophy similar to the biological brain atrophy that begins to cause dementia weakness, rigidness, loss of balance begin at 50 years of age.  Both these components deteriorate mostly from non-usage; neuroscience has shown that these effects are not as once though that the brain aged but can be reversed by daily exercise.
  • eXtension – is how we focus your brain/body exercises to stretch and strengthen your bodies muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia as directed by multiple brain functions
  • “+” – the plus signifies your focus on activating multiple brain functionalities to optimize brain and body functions while achieving optimum (MBBf) Mind/Brain/Body framework integration.
  • +eXtension Activation – activation not only optimizes stretching but also strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments thus aiding in rejuvenating your entire MBBf framework in a “youthenising” manner so that you look and acts years younger than your chronological age.
  • Fascia Stretching – with +eXtension Activation stretching your fascia is loosen and make more “plastic”.  If these type exercising is done before and after injuries or over stress it can minimize the experience to the trauma as your practice visualization of the injured area while it heals and rebuild it functional thus dramatically diminishing the brain trauma memories associated with the physical injury or stress.
  • NeuroPowerWalk – using the above methods and walking for at least 15 minutes a day to integrate and to renew the integration of your MBB framework.  Make it 30 minutes for a complete detoxification of your entire MBBf daily.
For the last few years we have been promoting MBBf because it allows optimum, integrated performance enhances not achievable by the obsolete mind/body model promoted by New Age and eastern mysticism “ism” movements. As confirmed by John J. Ratey, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of A User’s Guide to the Brain. “Exercise is really for the brain, not the body. It affects mood, vitality, alertness, and feelings of well-being.” Or said another way, brain micro-movements done to train up the body movements to eliminate atrophy not only of the brain but also to body. And rhythmic micro-movements train up the interneuronal pathways to synchronize and integrate and vibrate all neural clusters thus achieving a faster brain growth and learning processes. Hence, your micro-movement brain responses increase from 1-2 seconds to as faster rate such as 40-50 microsecond is just a few weeks.
Movement is health – movement is medicine.  Body movement is primarily directed, controlled, and learned by the 100’s of micro-movement brain functionalities; whereas your MBBf framework is directed moment-by-moment by your mindful awareness as you repeatedly achieve greater, optimum integration and synchronicity and rhythm, achieving a more healthy and vitality you in daily normal actions – you regain your youthfulness.   So learning to do optimum healthy body movement for most is like medicine without pills and shots; optimizing your MBBf framework through integrated MBBF learning creates the best, integrated healthier you in action. And one clear, fundamental truth has emerged from the research on learning to optimize your MBBf.

Following the Alzheimer research as the leading Knowledge Area for learning we developed how-to methods to optimize your immunological systems, we discovered any fundamental MBBf movement promotes a health lifestyle practices that stops and/or reverses brain and body aging.  The basic issue is atrophy of your body and your brain.  The second is Alzheimer prevention issues.  This approach covers improves or eliminates most movement disorders issues such as tremors, rigidity, and imbalance of body as well as your brain.  Yes, your brain.  The primary focus is to mindful renew your and train up your brain in the ways that body needs to move to keep or gain a more healthy lifestyle.  Most disorders result in our emotions, basically fear and anxiety holding our MBBf integration in a vise, keeps us stuck then we atrophy throughout our entire MBBf.  Fear of falling is the most common fear that we develop after 50.  This allows toxic thoughts express toxic neurotransmitter chemicals and further accelerating the deterioration of our MBBf integrated system.  Most people think this is just a common way to age – not could be more wrong headed.  The simplest movements – the dexterity needed to pour water into a glass or uncap your toothpaste or hold a spoon without spilling to eat – become monumental challenges and the struggle erodes your ability to stay positive and constructive doing your regular lifestyle pursuits.  Learn our NeuroExercise +eXtension practices for the movement for health that renew your entire MBBF seemingly making your years and years younger.  These MBBf renewal practices will stay with your through your entire life.

For people over 50 years old, this atrophy issue becomes more noticeable, usually first by others then later from your self.  The Alzheimer issue can accelerate this apparent aging process.  By doing a intensive (KIIS) Keep It Integrated Stupid study approach and doing continuous cycles of KIIS, a (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid solution emerged.  We developed an integrated MBBf framework integrated approach that that emphasizes integrate brain/body development using movement is health approach.  Hence, our NeuroExercise +eXtension practice where enhanced to optimize integrated brain/body movement to halt atrophy while promoting new brain/body growth cycles.  These practice regrow and enhance the use of your tendon – healthy tendon creates the movement is health process to grow first the brain then the body in a most optimize, integration movements.

Therefore, you get the best results both for the brain and the body while totally enhancing and enriching your lifestyle via our (MM4Health) MicroMovement 4 Health practices.

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